Saturday, February 04, 2006

First one - Mags Moments

I'm here at work supposed finishing up admin interface work (ugghhh), when I wanted to write about a couple of things that happened yesterday. So I started the blog.

I'm Mags, the Head of User Experience at a web agency in London; professionally an IA.

So I met up with Jared yesterday and we talked about developing a User Experience team at his agency. After talking about levels of people needed, startegy and fit between teams, we started talking about the upcoming IASummit in Vancouver. Both of us agreed that the programme looked a little samey (though it is a required event for IAs) and how we could make it better.

I thought about three things that would interest me more than more applications of facets in companies
1. Designing applications for use across platforms (mobile, web, interactive TV, PDAs)
2. What's pro bono work for IAs?
3. How to move from senior practitioner to Director or Head - and what does that mean you need to learn.

So now I've got them down; I must get back to my Admin interface work.